Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Preview

In a world where there’s a distinction between pugilists and Octagon-bred mixed martial artists, a collision course has been set in motion for two of the world’s best.

Already days after the news broke the sound barrier, it still feels unreal and when I think about it, I ask myself is this actually happening?!

Joyfully, it’s a yes and save the date of August 27 (AEDT) for two titans of combat sports to put their money where their mouth is.

When it comes to Floyd Mayweather and when it comes to Conor McGregor as athletes and individuals, they both are living paradigms of ‘why not?’

They have each literally created a ceiling-less world for themselves and they don’t even do things that can’t be done.

They create things that are unthinkable and then do them.

That’s the reason why this fight makes sense for anyone pays attention to it and now it’s happening for two of the greatest sports on the planet, mixed martial arts and boxing.

And the most special thing about this fight is that both Mayweather and McGregor not only talk the talk but they walk the walk, literally bringing to fruition anything prophesized to the public.

Conor McGregor has more than proved himself as a combat fighter to be able to demand a fight with a legend that is Mayweather.

The accomplishments ‘The Notorious One’ has racked up in the time he did has made him one of the most decorated athletes of our time.

Recovering from a serious knee injury to dethrone an unstoppable Jose Aldo to become the UFC featherweight champ, he moved up weight divisions at a moments’ notice and then dethroned Eddie Alvarez to become UFC’s lightweight champ (the only fighter ever to hold two titles at once at two different weight classes in the UFC).

But this seems only to be the beginning for McGregor.

It’s obvious his ‘fight anyone, anywhere’ attitude’ that runs in his blood makes him the perfect candidate for an endeavour like Mayweather.

At the end of the day, there’s no amount of money that can measure his pride and spirit as a fighter, he wants to be the best at everything.

The beauty of mixed martial arts is you’re given an arsenal of skillsets to employ on your opponent, the ingenuity of the sweet science of boxing is you only have one to use.

McGregor is at the top of his game and has been unsolvable, for the most part, in a playing field with multiple skillsets.

I’m a really big fan of McGregor but on August 27, he has his hands full.

Could McGregor’s combination of unique style and bravado outclass the best at his own game?

Inside the Octagon, McGregor’s boxing is unmatched.

However when it comes to the confines of a boxing ring many critics would agree it’s adolescent in comparison to not only Mayweather but Mayweather’s opponents.

Mayweather is going to do what Mayweather does, it’s just another another day and another opponent for Mayweather, but for McGregor it’s a completely different world.

There’s no such thing as a chanceless fight in any sport much less combat sports where war is virtually an art.

McGregor has enough fight intelligence to be able to force Mayweather the way other boxers haven’t and McGregor has a style that maybe Mayweather has never faced before.

Tactically, McGregor’s best chance of upsetting Money is in his relentless belief in himself and that Mayweather has never stepped in front of a fighter like the ‘Notorious One’.

Mayweather is a king at going both the distance and executing finishes.

His boxing is a fortress that not even the world’s best boxers had a chance at.

Perhaps it takes a different animal from another world (mixed martial arts) to unravel Mayweather’s flawlessness.

Unibet Odds: Mayweather 1.11 Draw 34.00 McGregor 6.00

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